Helena + judging you

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We all have scales, tails, manes, claws and thorns
And here in the dark is where new worlds are born

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My roommate doesn’t seem bothered by messes or disorganization at all, which… is a difference between us.

Cersei Lannister ± badass

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interesting words to use instead of “OCD”



  • finicky
  • painstaking
  • fastidious
  • particular
  • precise
  • scrupulous
  • conscientious
  • persnickety (it’s real word i promise)
  • accurate
  • meticulous
  • punctilious
  • exact

basically there are loads of really cool words out there, (persnickety!!) so you don’t need to appropriate OCD for your own use if you don’t actually have it!

use these, people

please and thank

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if you’re ever having a hard time just remember if you get through today you’ll be one day closer to season 3 of orphan black


"I see Cohen’s lost his touch. If you knew him when—when he used to believe in the work. In the struggle. And now, he rots in that never-land waiting for someone to come and tell him that he’s still got it. I suppose that’s why he let you live.”

-Andrew Ryan

If only I could have helped you. {x}

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