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Obsessive compulsive disorder is one of the top 3 most disabling mental illnesses, along with bipolar disorder and schizophrenia.

Keep that in mind the next time you go to make a stupid joke about how you like to clean your room.


Guardians of the Galaxy was such a fantastic movie!”


"There were a lot of issues with GotG that should be addressed and Marvel should work on improving with future movies."



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orphan black in warm or cool colors?

The monsters in your head
are frightening for the very same reason
everyone believes they should not be,
they aren’t real,
because day in and day out
you must live with the knowledge
that your own mind is working against you,
whispering dark things in the middle of the night,
disobeying your desperate cries to stop,
your own mind is a murderous adversary,
an enemy under your own skin,
and nothing is quite so terrifying.
Lena Headey always dresses like the head of a vaguely post-apocalyptic punk enclave who has to dress well because the punk enclave demands it but who has clearly barely ground out her cigarette butt on the hand of a willing underling before the picture was taken.

“That girl will rain destruction down on you and your ship. She is an albatross, Captain.”

Helena + judging you

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